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Though it has been cloudy with thick haze (because of slash and burn in Sumatera/Karimantan) during XDR installation (Oct. 13 - 25) in the daytime, it is fair today with some sunshine. We have rainfall of 10mm tomorary in the nighttime at the site. 画像

An Automatic Weather Station (AWS) and Total Sky Imager (TSI) were set and have started their observation. These data as well as XDR images will be appeared on our web site soon (hopefully).

PLN power was shutdown about 1 hour during 1230-1230. Our generator successfully backed up the electricity in a minnute, but both PC servers was shutdown automatically because of UPS signals. I tried to change the UPS setting for automatic shutodown schedule, but my id and pw were not accepted...why? 画像

In addition to this, I found a PLN CB was tripped when the PLN line became back on normal. This event was similar to that had been occured at Tiku XDR site before because of surge current from PLN line. We need to check averytime after the blackout.



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